In the autumn of 1996 Phil Baggaley, John Hartley and David Clifton flew to Nashville and moved into the Hampton Inn, West End Avenue, and it became their home for the next three weeks. They were about to embark on a series of recordings that would become the backbone of the Providence album. USA producers Lyn Nichols and Phil Madeira oversaw the first recordings, ably assisted by JB and Dave Perkins, the latter utilizing a vintage MCI 24 track machine located in his novel control room, created inside an old touring coach parked in his back yard. Further tracks were completed in Derby, and with the album mastered and released, a national tour arranged to promote the project.  Phil Madeira and Lyn Nichols relocated from Nashville to the Three Horseshoes deep in the Derbyshire countryside, their English home for rehearsals and their base during the UK tour. Radio single 'Valentine' was re-mixed by Jon Kelly at West Side Studios in London, and featured a wild guest guitar moment from Brian Robertson of Thin Lizzie. The song attracted a rave review in NME, and is still a firm favourite each year, with comparisons made to an influence of The Cardigans. 'The Day The North Left Town', a haunting lament and poetic ode to the abandoned north of England during times of economic downturn, featured a beautiful and memorable performance from the Grimethorpe Colliery band. The song received extensive national airplay and TV coverage, including a special editorial feature on ITV News At Ten. Psychedelic openers 'New People Of Love' and 'Hello Sister Moonshine' set the scene for this great little timepiece, with 'Old Ghosts To Rest' being the classic thoughtful-provoking heart-breaker.  


1. New People Of Love (Baggaley/Hartley)  04.15
2. Hello Sister Moonshine (Baggaley/Hartley/Madeira)  03.28 
3. Different Colours (Baggaley/Clifton) - 04.40
4. Long Shadows (Baggaley/Clifton) - 04.28
5. Stillwaters (Baggaley/Hartley) - 04.55
6. Sweet Communion (Baggaley/Clifton/Blythe) - 03.48
7. Valentine (Baggaley/Clifton) - 04.31
8. Old Ghosts To Rest (Baggaley/J.Hartley/S.Hartley) - 04.31
9. There Is A Happy Land (Baggaley/Clifton) - 04.41
10. The Day The North Left Town (Baggaley/Hartley) - 04.35 


Phil Baggaley - Vocals, acoustic guitar, Euphonium
John Hartley - Vocals, acoustic guitar
David Clifton - Mandolin, electric and acoustic guitars, Angel Vibe Guitar, BV
Phil Madeira - Keyboards, Hammond, Mellotron
Al Perkins - Pedal steel guitar
Tammy Rogers King - Violin
Lyn Nichols - Electric guitar
Neil Costello - Electric guitars
Chris Eaton, Julie Costello, The Woodthieves - vocal harmonies
Phil Baggaley - Acoustic guitar 
Dennis Holt, Terl Bryant - Drums and percussion
Chris Donahue, Les Moir - Bass guitar
The Grimethorpe Colliery Brass Band 
Engineered by JB, Dave Perkins and Phil Madeira (Nashville) and Neil Costello (Derby)
Mixed by JB, except 'Old Ghosts To Rest' and 'The Day The North Left Town' mixed by Neil Costello, and 'Valentine' mixed by Jon Kelly
Produced by: 
Lyn Nichols (1, 2 and 6) Chris Eaton (3) Phil Madeira (9) Andy Piercy (4, 5, and 7 co-produced with Neil Costello) The Woodthieves (8) and 10 (The Woodthieves with Neil Costello) 
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Country Masters
All songs published by Little Room Music, administered by IQ Music except 'The Day The North Left Town' published by SGO/Peer Southern Music
Artwork by Steve Rigley