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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Brian Eno
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Brian_Eno Here_Come_The_Warm_Jets Vinyl

Released in January 1974, Here Come The Warm Jets was Brian Eno’s debut solo release following his departure from Roxy Music.

The album draws on his experimental, glam, garage and progressive roots and was a huge influence on the post-punk scene to come.

2017 remastered 180g LP reissue.

1 Needles In The Camel's Eye 3:10
2 The Paw Paw Negro Blowtorch 3:05
3 Baby's On Fire 5:16
4 Cindy Tells Me 3:25
5 Driving Me Backwards 5:11
1 On Some Faraway Beach 4:36
2 Blank Frank 3:37
3 Dead Finks Don't Talk 4:20
4 Some Of Them Are Old 5:11
5 Here Come The Warm Jets 4:04