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Artist: Stephen Lambe
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Stephen Lambe Yes Yes On Track book
Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock bands.
In Yes On Track, Stephen Lambe provides a thorough assessment of the career and output of one of the most important Progressive bands of all time.
Revised edition, bringing the Yes story up to date for 2020 and specifically including a brand new section on the 2019 album ‘From A Page’.
Lambe authoritatively examines each of the band’s twenty-one studio albums, chronicling the many high points and the rarer missteps, as well as dissecting the changes in band dynamics, which led to some eclectic - but always interesting - music over fifty years of recording. 
Lambe also discusses the band’s many live recordings and provides a brief guide to the band’s performances on DVD and video. 
Featuring coverage of the 50th anniversary celebrations, this is a comprehensive guide to the band’s music and should be essential reading for the band’s many devoted fans.
Stephen Lambe is an author, publisher and record label owner. He is an acknowledged expert on progressive rock, having written the best-selling Citizens of Hope and Glory - the history of Progressive Rock in 2011 - and has discussed the subject on BBC Radio.  
Lambe has co-hosted the Summer's End Progressive Rock Festival since 2005, and is a former Chairman of the Classic Rock Society.  His first live concert - of many hundreds - was Yes at Wembley Arena in 1978.