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Artist: Nathaniel Webb
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Nathaniel Webb Marillion in the 1980s book Marillion

Nathaniel Webb combines meticulous research with careful musical analysis to chronicle Marillion's most significant decade.

This fascinating book assesses all the band’s studio albums from the 1980s, alongside demos, singles, and Fish’s solo debut.

Nathaniel Webb is an American author, musician, and game designer. As a lead guitarist, he has toured and recorded for numerous acts including Grammy-nominated singers Beth Hart and Jana Mashonee, Colombian pop star Marre, and Talking to Walls. His writing includes the novels Expedition: Summerlands, The Days of Guns and Roses, and Arcadia Mon Amour. A graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and Wesleyan University, Nathaniel lives in Portland, Maine with his wife and son under a big pile of cats.