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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Soft Machine
CatNo: RUNE495LP
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Soft Machine Facelift France and Holland Double vinyl_DVD
Facelift France and Holland captures Soft Machine at a pivotal moment as a short-lived quintet, just before they recorded and released their breakthrough album Third.
As broadcast on the French TV programme Pop 2, the film of Soft Machine's concert at Paris' Théâtre de la Musique, which constitutes the main course of this release, stands as an exceptional document of the band at, arguably, its artistic peak. It is the earliest footage of the band to be commercially released and the only video footage known to exist of the quintet line-up that was active from January to March 1970. Containing the only professionally recorded performance of "Out-Bloody-Rageous" with Lyn Dobson on second sax, it also is the only professionally-recorded alternative performance by the quintet of "Facelift" (the original appearing as the opening track on Third).
In addition to the March, 1970 material presented here on vinyl and DVD, Side D presents a previously unreleased performance at Amsterdam's Concertgebouw from January 1970.
Double vinyl in gatefold with DVD (ntsc, all region).
A - (March, 1970)
1. Facelift
B - (March, 1970)
1. Backwards
2. Mousetrap (reprise)
3. Out-Bloody-Rageous
C - (March, 1970)
1. Eamonn Andrews
2. Esthers Nose Job/Piggling Bland]
D - (January, 1970)
1. Facelift
2. Moon In June
3. 12/8 Theme
DVD (March, 1970)
1. Eamonn Andrews
2. Backwards
3. Mousetrap (reprise)
4. Out-Bloody-Rageous
5. Facelift
6. Vocal Improvisation
7. Esther's Nose Job / Pigling Bland
Elton Dean - Alto sax, saxello
Lyn Dobson - Soprano and tenor sax, flute, harmonica, vocals
Hugh Hopper - Bass
Mike Ratledge - Hohner Pianet, Lowrey Holiday Deluxe organ
Robert Wyatt - Drums, vocals