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Format: CD
Artist: Soft Machine
CatNo: ECLEC22812
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Soft Machine Bundles 2CD
A remastered and expanded double CD edition of Soft Machine's 1975 album Bundles
The band’s first for EMI’s Harvest, it featured Mike Ratledge, Karl Jenkins, John Marshall, Roy Babbington and guitar virtuoso Allan Holdsworth.
An accessible collection showcasing Holdsworth’s phenomenal talents, Bundles opened a new chapter for the band and attracted great praise (especially for the five-part Hazard Profile).
The second disc features a concert at Nottingham University from 11th October 1975 and features much of the material featured on the album, along with early renditions of some pieces soon ro be recorded for the band’s 1976 release Softs.
1 Hazard Profile Part One
2 Hazard Profile Part Two (Toccatina)
3 Hazard Profile Part Three
4 Hazard Profile Part Four
5 Hazard Profile Part Five
6 Gone Sailing
7 Bundles
8 Land of the Bag Snake
9 The Man Who Waved at Trains
10 Peff
11 Four Gongs Two Drums
12 The Floating World
1 Bundles
2 Land of the Bag Snake
3 Out of Season
4 The Man Who Waved at Trains
6 The Floating World
7 Ban-Ban Caliban
8 Side Burn
9 Hazard Profile Part One
10 Hazard Profile Part Two (Toccatina)
11 Hazard Profile Part Three
12 Hazard Profile Part Four
13 Hazard Profile Part Five
14 Song of Aeolus
15 Sign of Five