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Format: CD
Artist: Six By Six
CatNo: 19658713432
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Six By Six Six By Six CD Limited Saxon

The self-titled debut from SiX BY SiX, featuries members of Saga, 3, The Greg Kihn Band and Saxon.

Robert Berry (vocals), Ian Crichton (Guitar) and Nigel Glockler deliver more than 45 minutes of quality prog-influenced rock.

The signature guitar sound of Saga-Guitarist Crichton is, as always, a standout.

Limited CD edition in digipak.

1. Yearning to Fly                                                  
2. China 
3. Reason to Feel Calm Again 
4. The Upside of Down 
5. Casino 
6. Live Forever 
7. The Last Words on Earth 
8. Skyfall 
9. Battle of a Lifetime 
10. Save the Night