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Traversing power metal, acoustic introspect and finally settling on their breakthrough cinematic sound, Finnish heavyweights Nightwish are the leading name in the world of symphonic metal. Having tackled numerous high-profile line-up changes, each threatening to derail the grand vehicle of spirit curated by founder Tuomas Holopainen, their every turn has been documented across nine studio records.

Whilst the surface presents the Nightwish discography as a feast of metaphor and imagination, it's in the undercurrent that the vulnerability of the compositions is revealed; the fury of 'Master Passion Greed' detailing the acrimonious split with vocalist Tarja Turunen, the melancholia permeating Century Child and the awe-inspiring ode to evolution of Endless Forms Most Beautiful.

Nightwish On Track analyses every song released by the band, from their Angels Fall First debut to 2020's Human. :||: Nature., discussing inimitable singles 'Nemo' and the begrudgingly composed 'Sleeping Sun', as well as patriotic sport soundtracks, impromptu live outings and curious cover versions. Nightwish On Track also discusses the abundant live releases and compilations from their career to date and gathers together an exhaustive list of the band's B-sides and rarities. The book’s comprehensive approach will enlighten fans both old and new.


Simon McMurdo is a writer, podcaster and symphonic metal enthusiast from Nottingham, UK. After graduating with an English and Creative Writing degree in 2012, his subsequent free time was dedicated to blogging and reviewing music as diverse as black metal and bubblegum pop. Teenage years devoted to absorbing as much information about European metal as possible culminated in the launch of The Podcast and the Pendulum, the first dedicated Nightwish podcast hosting guests from renowned bands such as Xandria, Leaves' Eyes and Tristania and reaching listeners in over 60 countries.