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Format: Vinyl
Artist: SikTh
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SikTh The Future In Whose Eyes orange splatter vinyl
British Progressive Metal forefathers SikTh return with their first album in 11 years on new Snapper label imprint Millennium Night.
On 2017's The Future In Whose Eyes?, intense and enigmatic frontman Mikee Goodman is joined by Alias' vocalist Joe Rosser and special guest singer Spencer Sotelo from Periphery as SikTh's first ever guest performer on an album, cementing the relationship formed between the bands on their US tour in 2016.
Mikee commented on the new album: "Personally I feel this is our best album yet. The band have made incredible music, brutal, technically warped and also some psychedelic moments... we've done something special here." 
The artwork has been created by Meats Meier, whose credits include the film Hellboy and Tool
The Future In Whose Eyes? was recorded at Mikee Goodman's studio, Adrian Smith's (Iron Maiden) R&R Studios and at the renowned Monkey Puzzle House. 
Produced by band member Dan Weller and mixing by Periphery's Adam "Nolly" Getgood (who also mixed Devin Townsend Project and Animals As Leaders). 
Heavyweight orange splatter vinyl edition.
1. Vivid [4:28]
2. Century Of The Narcissist? [4:09]
3. The Aura [4:03]
4. This Ship Has Sailed [1:19]
5. Weavers Of Woe [5:31]
6. Cracks Of Light [4:13]
1. Golden Cufflinks [4:07]
2. The Moon's Been Gone for Hours [2:46]
3. Riddles Of Humanity [3:46]
4. No Wishbones [4:31]
5. Ride The Illusion [4:37]
6. When It Rains [2:35]