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Artist: SikTh
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Death of a Dead Day SikTh cd
The 10th anniversary CD edition of SikTh's Death Of A Dead Day, featuring exclusive bonus tracks.
Death Of A Dead Day, arguably the band's most popular album, was recorded over a 6 week period in Miami in 2005 and was self-produced. Mixing and engineering duties were handled by Mike LaPlant (Skindred, Nonpoint, Soil, Dashboard Confessional). 
Opening track Bland Street Bloom was a brutal progressive thrash song with vocalist Mikee W Goodman penning lyrics inspired by the gentrification of the UK high street. The song also spawned an animated video (directed by Tim Fox) which featured regularly on MTV's Headbangers ball in the US and was also heavily played in the UK.
SikTh played their largest headline tour to date in support of DOADD with Bland Street Bloom becoming the band's opening live track for years to come. Their appearance at 2006's Download Festival became legendary - the second stage tent was closed due to over capacity as the band put on a show that to this day defines their live reputation. It was in late 2007 the band decided to close the book on SikTh and they played their final show to an emotional crowd in London.
In the years that followed SikTh's name and influence was kept alive by bands like Protest The Hero, Periphery, TesseracT and Animals As Leaders. The genre known as 'djent' flourished, with many stalwarts of the scene - including Meshuggah - citing that SikTh gave birth to the movement.
This 10th anniversary edition of DOADD contains exclusive bonus material, and is presented in a sleevepac with a 12 page colour booklet featuring lyrics and pictures with original cover artwork by Tim Fox.
1) Bland Street Bloom
2) Flogging The Horses 
3) Way Beyond The Fond Old River
4) Summer Rain 
5) In This Light
6) Sanguine Seas Of Bigotry
7) Mermaid Slur
8) When The Moment's Gone
9) Part Of The Friction
10) Where Do We Fall?
11) Another Sinking Ship
12) As The Earth Spins Round 
Bonus Tracks 
13 Flogging The Horses (Demo)
14 Part Of The Friction (Demo)
15 Where Do We Fall? (Demo)