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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ship Of Fools
CatNo: VILELP586
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Ship of Fools Close Your Eyes Forget the World Peaceville vinyl
The first vinyl pressing since 1993 of the cult classic debut by pioneering space rock band Ship Of Fools
Ship of Fools was formed in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK in the early 1990’s. The band released two studio albums on the Peaceville Dreamtime sub-label and became somewhat of a cult act during their most prolific period (and highly revered among many to this day). The band also notably featured Les Smith, who would later go on utilise his keyboard wizardry with fellow British acts Cradle of Filth and Anathema. 
Close Your Eyes (Forget The World) was the band’s debut studio release; an inspiring trip through psychedelic soundscapes and spiritual transcendence. With a sublime concoction of neo-prog space-rock, Ship of Fools truly established a path of their own, while at times also bringing to mind classic acts such as the Ozric Tentacles. The band had played a multitude of shows during its most active years, including a UK tour with Anathema, which featured guitarist Daniel Cavanagh from the rock legends playing with the band, who were at the time promoting their farewell Let’s Get This Mother Outta Here compilation release in 2002. 
Includes the original cover artwork and layout.
1 In The Wake Of... 
2 Where Is Here 
3 Passage By Night 
4 L=SD2 
1 S.O.L '93 
2 Starjumper 
3 Western Lands 
4 Close Your Eyes (Forget The World)