Unavailable since 2000, World Of Bright FuturesTim Bowness's 1999 album with Samuel Smiles (Mike Bearpark, Peter Chilvers, Myke Clifford) is now available as an exclusive Burning Shed download. 
Taking its cue from the timeless and sensuous late night ambience of John Martyn and the Blue Nile, and occasionally drawing from the darker terrain of Peter Hammill and Mark Eitzel, the album offers eight original compositions and two cover versions (Peter Hammill's 'Ophelia' and King Crimson's 'Two Hands').
Featuring Sandra O'Neill, Tony Harn, and Porcupine Tree's Colin Edwin and Steven Wilson, World of Bright Futures is awash with cheap drum machines and high emotions, digital hardware and human heartache.
Headphones ahoy!
1. World Of Bright Futures
2. Dreaming Of Babylon
3. (Watching) Over Me
4. Sorry Looking Soldier
5. Two Hands
6. Red Eye Removal
7. Something Of You
8. Lisa Said/Ophelia
9. Small
10. Smaller
The audio is provided as a single ZIP file containing the tracks.  Once downloaded, the files can be expanded using WinZip on a PC or Stuffit Expander on the Mac.  Please note that there is no artwork for this download.
Mike Bearpark - Guitars, Bass (9), Drum Machine (1,9)
Tim Bowness - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar (4)
Peter Chilvers - Piano, Fretless Bass, Electronic Drone (10), Wahl Groomsman (10)
Myke Clifford - Saxophone (1,2,6), Congas (2,4)
Richard Edwards - Percussion (3)
Colin Edwin - Double Bass (3)
Tony Harn - Guitars (6), Organ (6), Bass (6)
Sandra O'Neill - Backing Vocal (3,8)
Steven Wilson - Electric Guitars (3)