Price: £9.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Robert Reed
Availability: 02-03-2018
CatNo: PLGS08

A stunning reworking of the truly iconic Doctor Who theme by Robert Reed, ably supported by Mike Oldfield collaborators Les Penning and Tom Newman

A 12" single on blue vinyl, the release additionally contains key solo tracks from all three artists.

The first 200 copies sold will be signed by Robert, Les and Tom.

This release is exclusive to Burning Shed.



Side 1
1.  Theme from Dr Who (Tom Newman Happy Mix) 2:40
2.  Robert Reed: Indigo (Chimpan A remix) 4:36
3.  Les Penning: Sellinger's Round (from the CD "Bellerion") 1:33
4.  Tom Newman: Uriel's Secret (From the CD "The Secret Life of Angels") 3:03
Side 2
1.  Theme From Dr Who (Robert Reed BBC mix) 2:26
2.  Tom Newman: Happy Chickens (unreleased) 1:55
3.  Robert Reed: Ommackache (From the CD Sanctuary I) 3:00
4.  Les Penning: Lyme (From the CD Belerion) 5:07