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Artist: Riverside
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Riverside Wasteland CD
Riverside's seventh studio album - Wasteland - is the band's first as a trio following the tragic death of co-founder and guitarist Piotr Grudziński in 2016. 
The core band - Mariusz Duda (vocals, guitars, basses), Piotr Kozieradzki (drums), Michał Łapaj (keyboards, Hammond organ) - has teamed up with carefully selected guests on its most cinematic and stylistically broad release to date. 
A new beginning and a new creative height.
CD in jewel case.
1. The Day After (01:48)
2. Acid Rain (06:03)
3. Vale Of Tears (04:49)
4. Guardian Angel (04:24)
5. Lament (06:09)
6. The Struggle For Survival (09:32)
7. River Down Below (05:41)
8. Wasteland (08:25)
9. The Night Before (03:59)