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Richard James Status Quo-The Frantic Four Year Book
Status Quo - The Frantic Four Years On Track examines the band’s work from 1970 t0 1984 with critical detail and honest opinions. 
‘Status Quo? All their songs sound the same and they only know three chords’ Really? This retrospective of one of Britain’s most successful bands takes this lazy criticism and puts it to the sword. The creative peaks and troughs of all the songs recorded by ‘The Frantic Four’ are examined in detail by a fan who can play guitar a bit, and also knows his Bach from his byte.
Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, and John Coghlan withstood the slings and arrows of unending criticism to become a national institution, even playing to royalty along the way. After their early, psychedelic-influenced and fleeting pop success, Quo underwent a dramatic and natural re-invention, unleashing a series of innovative albums and hit singles, such as ‘Down Down’ and ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ that established their unique sound and style.
Relentless touring, changes in musical direction, unwise choices of producer, substantial substance abuse, and personality clashes all played their part in the collapse of the classic line-up before a brand re-launch in 1986 that enjoys continued success to the present day.
Richard James immersed himself in music as soon as he got his first real six-string at the age of ten. Previously chained to a desk for a living, he managed to escape and armed with a music degree from the Open University and a Licentiate Diploma in Classical Guitar from the Royal School of Music, now roams the East Midlands as a freelance guitarist and music teacher. He lives with his wife in Leicestershire, UK, and when not involved with music he enjoys travel, playing chess badly, and inventing new ways to tease his cats. This is his third book, following UFO On Track and Tom Petty On Track, both published in 2021.