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Format: CD
Artist: Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost
CatNo: termocd010
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Rhys Marsh The Blue Hour CD
Rhys Marsh And The Autumn Ghost return with their third full-length record, 'The Blue Hour', in which the band enter yet more bold sonic-territory.
The trademark combination of dynamics and melancholy remain, though the strings and Mellotrons have given way to brass and woodwind ensembles and the layered harmonies have been stripped back to reveal a more focused sound. 
From the album's outset - a 7 minute opening song featuring hypnotic rhythms and yearning woodwinds - it's clear that Marsh is pushing his vision further forward.
From the enticing polyrhythms of 'The Movements Of Our Last Farewell', via the frantically-paced Wooden Heart to the elegantly-psychedelic 'One More Moment', 'The Blue Hour' surprises and soothes in equal measure.
Marsh has once again assembled a new Autumn Ghost, this time featuring the cream of the contemporary Norwegian music scene. 
This is the first album on which Marsh has chosen to feature an entirely Norwegian line-up, borrowing from bands such as Jaga Jazzist, The National Bank, Emmerhoff And The Melancholy Babies and Pelbo, along with collaborators of Susanne Sundfor, Kaizers Orchestra and Magnet. 
1. And I Wait (6:59)
2. Read The Cards (3:25)
3. The Movements Of Our Last Farewell (2:24)
4. Broken Light (7:20)
5. Wooden Heart (3:30)
6. Further From The Truth (4:30)
7. The Place Where You Lay (5:26)
8. One More Moment (9:40)
Rhys Marsh : voice, guitar, pedal steel, bass, zither, mellotron, hammond organ, glockenspiel, bells
Trude Eidtang : voice
Jo Fougner Skaansar : bass
Martin Horntveth : drums, tympani, tambourine, bells
Iver Sanday : drums, space echo
Lars Fredrik Fraislie : chamberlin
Tuva Hatlelid Mortensen : oboe
Kirsti Jacobsen : clarinet
Henning Aschim Wien : bass clarinet
Jargen Vie : bassoon
Hayden Powell : trumpet
Erik Johannessen : trombone
Kristoffer Lo : tuba, flugabone