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Format: CD
Artist: Retreat From Moscow
CatNo: GD230802
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Retreat_From_Moscow Dreams_Myths_and_Machines CD
Dreams, Myths and Machines follows Retreat From Moscow's critically acclaimed debut The World As We Knew It, and draws on themes of Welsh and Greek mythology, dystopian futures, social anxiety and colonial whitewashing. 
The album was forged over the past three years by band members John Harris (guitar, vocals, keyboards and flute) Andrew Raymond (keyboards) Tony Lewis (bass) and Greg Haver (drums and percussion), along with special guests, Robin Armstrong (Cosmograf), Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Pete Kirby (Skylines) and American vocalist Jillian Slade.
CD in digipak with 12-page booklet.
1. Saving California
2. Flowerbride
3. Running Man
4. I Can Hear You Calling
5. Windchill
6. Time Traveller
7. The Machine Stops
8. Assassin's Cloak
9. DNA