Price: £23.49
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Procol Harum
CatNo: ECLECLP2501
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Procol_Harum Shine_On_Brightly Vinyl Remastered
A 2024 vinyl edition of Procol's classic 1968 album, cut at Abbey Road Studios and utilising the gatefold sleeve design of the September 1968 US release.
Dominated by the proto-Progressive 17-minute suite In Held ‘Twas In I, Shine On Brightly re-wrote the rule book of popular music.
1 Quite Rightly So
2 Shine On Brightly
3 Skip Softly My Moonbeams
4 Wish Me Well
5 Rambling On
6 Magdalene (My Regal Zonophone)
1 In Held Twas in I
i) Glimpses of Nirvana
ii) Twas Tea Time at the Circus
iii) In the Autumn of My Madness
iv) Look to Your Soul
v) Grand Finale