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Format: CD
Artist: Phil Keaggy, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta
CatNo: TDS2201
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Phil_Keaggy Tony_Levin Jerry_Marotta _The_Bucket_List CD
The Bucket List (2018) is the collective effort of guitar extraordinaire Phil Keaggy, legendary bassist Tony Levin (King Crimson) and rhythm master Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel).
Featuring 12 instrumentals, the album showcases the strengths of these three extraordinary musicians.
CD edition with three bonus improv pieces.
1. Sometimes 11 3:24
2. Fearless 4:06
3. Midland Crisis 3:52
4. Sometimes We Up 7:15
5. Stella Luna 4:01
6. Steely Funk 4:47
7. Where's Phil 1:39
8. Phil's On 3:20
9. Caravan 5:28
10. Carved in Stone 5:00
11. Good Stuff 2:28
12. Blue Hawaii 1:57
Bonus tracks
13. Jam 1 (Live)
14. Jam 2 (Live)
15. Jam 3 (Live)
Phil Keaggy - Guitars
Tony Levin - Bass/Stick
Jerry Marotta - Drums/Percussion
Executive Producer: Paul Grimsland
Produced by: KLM
Recorded at: Jersville Studio, Woodstock, NY
Dreamland Recording Studio, Woodstock, NY
Kegworth Studio, Nashville, TN
Engineers: Roman Klun, Pete Caigan
Adam Armstrong, Dylan Shad, Ariel Shafir
Engineer/Editor Extraordinaire: PTK
Mixed by: Michael Cozzi
Mastering: Chris Athens