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Artist: Peter Hammill
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Originally released in 1998, This marked a return to a more atmospheric solo music following band orientated albums such as X My Heart.
Highlights include the sublime 14 minute Ambient epic, The Light Continent, and the powerful Unrehearsed 
Features former VDGG bandmate David Jackson on 4 tracks.
This is the remastered version.
Available on cd, and mp3/flac download.
1. Frozen in Place (fragment) (0:46) 
2. Unrehearsed (7:05) 
3. Stupid (4:26) 
4. Since the Kids (5:56) 
5. Nightman (6:17) 
6. Fallen (The City of Night) (5:37) 
7. Unready (fragment) (0:42) 
8. Always Is Next (3:58) 
9. Unsteady (fragment) (0:58) 
10. The Light Continent (14:02)