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Artist: Peter Hammill
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Thin Air is Peter Hammill's twenty-eigth solo album of original songs and follows an eventful few years (a heart attack in December 2003 and a hugely successful Van der Graaf Generator reunion in 2004). 
Singularity, his last solo work, was released in 2006 and was acclaimed as Peter's most innovative and important release since his late 70s/early 80s masterpieces, The Future Now and A Black Box.
After recent tours with VDGG, the recordings on Thin Air mark a return to wholly solo territory, with Peter playing and singing every note on the album.
As might be expected of an artist now more than forty years into his career, these are adult songs, addressing grown-up themes. The songs are of disappearance, loss and dislocation, and thread their way across nine pieces of impressive scope. 
Familiar elements of Peter's writing and recording styles are present, but combine in such a way as to make something new and challenging. 
A fascinating and mature addition to Peter's brilliant body of work, and, as always, a singular listening experience. 
1. The Mercy (6:21)
2. Your Face On The Street (5:21)
3. Stumbled (4:48)
4. Wrong Way Round (2:40)
5. Ghosts Of Planes (5:23)
6. If We Must Part Like This (4:38)
7. Undone (4:25)
8. Diminished (6:11)
9. The Top Of The World Club (7:03)