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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE1187
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Ozric Tentacles There Is Nothing Double vinyl Ed Wynne Kscope
Ed Wynne remaster of There Is Nothing.
There Is Nothing (1986) (also known as "the green one") was the fourth of Ozric Tentacles' first six independent releases on cassette.
Double vinyl version.
On ‘There is Nothing’, the band made a big leap in sound quality with this becoming immediately apparent from the opening cut of 'Sacred Turf' which has the feel of their later sound and features some powerful synth solos carried along by the Roly and Tig rhythm section. The album also features the original version of "O-I" which the band later re-recorded for Pungent Effulgent. ‘There is Nothing’ was certainly a much spacier set of recordings than the band's earlier output, this spacious musical environment is enhanced through the album which features a blend of dub reggae and space rock that once again harks back to the cross cultural intermingling that was entirely unique to the UK free festival circuit and remains a fascinating relic from the very las-t days of that era. 
1. The Sacred Turf
2. O-I
3. Jabular
4. Staring At The Moon
1. Airy Area
2. Travelling The Great Circle
3. Imhotep
1. Thrashing Breath Texture
2. Crab Nebula
3. Lull Your Skull
4. Invisible Carpet
1. The Eternal Wheel
2. Kola B'Pep
3. There Is Nothing