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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: KSCOPE1078
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Ozric Tentacles Space For the Earth Vinyl Ed Wynne Gong
Space For The Earth is the 2020 studio album from the Ozric Tentacles.  
180g LP edition.
Written, programmed, recorded and produced throughout 2019/20 by Ed Wynne in ‘Blue Bubble Studios’ by the sea, this exploratory musical adventure comprises seven new tracks spanning 45 minutes.  
Inspired by the Scottish hills, valleys and beaches surrounding his studio, Wynne feels that lockdown in a strange kind of way has provided space for the Earth to breathe for a while and for people to rediscover its resonant healing frequency.  ‘This is space music for people from the Earth to enjoy’.
Ozrics’ synth player Silas Neptune and drummer Balázs Szende join forces again with Wynne on the album which also features special guest appearances from former members synth player Joie Hinton, drummer Nick Van Gelder, flautist Champignon and percussionist Paul Hankin.  Psychedelic voyager Gracerooms also contributes additional synth layers.
The album ebbs and flows through blissed-out soundscapes featuring incendiary guitar solos, space grooves and ambient atmospheres. Wynne plays his recently revived Ibanez Jem, a new 8-string guitar, and all kinds of synths and bass. Van Gelder uses the original snare he played on the first six cassette albums and early live Ozric performances. One piece features Champignon playing kaval, a traditional wooden Balkan flute.
The album artwork was inspired directly by the music and realised by arboreal artist Kitty (Twisty-Trees) with help from Ed and cosmic artist Ivy.
Space for the Earth represents the next harmonic step in the unfolding Ozric journey. 
1. Stripey Clouds [6:37]
2. Blooperdome  [5:43]
3. Humboldt Currant (radio edit) [6:59]
4. Popscape [4:51]
1. Climbing Plants [7:05]
2. Space For The Earth [7:36]
3. Harmonic Steps [6:35]