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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Opeth
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Still Life was Opeth's first outing for Peaceville and armed with renewed enthusiasm, the band delivered a flawless gem of an album. 
Originally released in 1999, the enigmatic Still Life, is an ambitious concept album focusing on a tale of forbidden love in dangerous times. 
Featuring the extraordinary voice and poetic lyrics of Mikael Akerfeldt, Still Life's moods range from brutal passages of extreme metal to predominantly acoustic moments of breathtaking beauty.  
The new pressing of the vinyl edition comes on double 180gsm black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve featuring re-worked artwork by original designer Travis Smith. Please note it does not include the 18 page booklet.
Side A
1. The Moor (11.28)
Side B
1. Godhead's Lament (9.47)
2. Benighted (5.01)
Side C
1. Moonlapse Vertigo (9.00)
2. Face Of Melinda (7.59)
Side D
1. Serenity Painted Death (9.14)
2. White Cluster (10.02)