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Format: CD
Artist: North Atlantic Oscillation
CatNo: KSCOPE643
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A 2019 Kscope label edition of North Atlantic Oscillation’s Grind Show (which was originally self-released in 2018).
Described by The Scottish Sun as, "An experimental masterpiece," by The Progressive Aspect as “Sublime," and by The Skinny as “Sonically rich and vibrant," the band's fourth album - two years in the making - fuses intimate textures with cinematic arrangements to create an unclassifiable sonic experience. 
CD in digipak.
1. Low Earth Orbit [05:23]
2. Weedkiller [05:44]
3. Fruitful Little Moons [04:04]
4. Needles [04:43]
5. Spinning Top [04:01]
6. Sirens [06:37]
7. Hymn [05:46]
8. Downriver [06:57]
9. Sequoia [03:35]
10. Fernweh [07:49]