Price: £15.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Nodens Ictus
CatNo: SMALP1128
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nodens ictus the cozmic key ozric tentacles ed wynne blue vinyl
Nodens Ictus were formed by Ed Wynne and Joie Hinton in 1986 as an ethereal offshoot of Ozric Tentacles
The Cozmic Key was the first Nodens album for 17 years when self-released in December 2017. 
The album consists of spiralling pathways through exotic sonic landscapes and fully represents the ambient and electronica branches of the Ozrics tree, with a focus on synths and sequencing that followed on from the music of Technicians of the Sacred, the Ozric Tentacles' 2015 album. 
180g cozmic blue vinyl edition in single sleeve packaging.
1. The Cozmic Key [07:08]
2. Swoop Bong [15:20]
1. Chickens In The Mist [07:12]
2. Fractal Sunset (edit) [16:11]