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Nicklas Barker Epektasis Vinyl Anekdoten Kosmogon
Nicklas Barker (Anekdoten) plunges into minimalistic, ambient dark waters with Epektasis, six meditations of shimmering, minimal, electronic soundscapes, recorded over two weeks in September 2021 in Stockholm and the mountain village of Åre using two Mellotrons and an ARP Odyssey synthesizer.
Nicklas explains the genesis of the project: ”This music is rooted in the works of post-war, experimental, minimalist and electronic music composers such as La Monte Young, Eliane Radigue, Tony Conrad and Paulina Oliveros. All of whom have had an enormous impact on me through the years.”  
"Epektasis" is the second release by Tonbad Grammofon, after last year’s atmospheric Kosmogon - "Mässan". The label was founded by Nicklas Barker and Sophie Linder and is dedicated to contemporary electronic, ambient, experimental and psychedelic music.
Limited black vinyl edition (300 copies globally).
1 Himlarymderna 6:40
2 Offret 5:37
3 Celest Mekanik 6:38
1 Mörkret på berget 5:06
2 Klingande solar 6:27
3 Klara skyar 6:01