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Format: CD
Artist: Neuschwanstein ft. Sonja Kristina
CatNo: EXM026
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Neuschwanstein ft Sonja Kristina Alice In Wonderland CD
A classic German prog rock release from 1976, featuring Peter Gabriel inspired vocals and symphonic arrangements (with guitar, synth and flute solos aplenty).
The original version German narration and vocals have been replaced with English language parts read by Sonja Kristina (Curved Air).
This remastered CD edition comes with a booklet that includes two separate sets of liner notes (with rare images) on the history of the band, the 1976 recordings and 2022 vocal sessions.
1 White Rabbit
2 Gate To Wonderland
3 Pond Of Tears
4 Old Father’s Song
5 Five O’Clock Tea
6 Palace Of Wonderland
7 The Court Of The Animals
8 Alice’s Return