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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Morta Skuld
CatNo: VILELP489
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Morta Skuld Dying Remains vinyl
US band Morta Skuld's classic 1993 debut of brutal Death/Doom Metal
Morta Skuld brought a refreshing blend of heavy and brutal Death and Doom along with more atmospheric and melodic elements. An antidote to the straight forward high-octane Death Metal releases prevalent in the US scene at the time, this was an element which helped to distinguish the band from many of its peers. 
Remastered 180g vinyl edition with original artwork.
1 Lifeless
2 Without Sin
3 Devoured Fears
4 Dying Remains
5 Useless To Mankind
6 Rotting Ways 
1 Withering Seclusion 
2 Hatred Creation
3 Scarred
4 Consuming Existence 
5 Presumed Dead