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Artist: Morgan Brown
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Morgan Brown Van Halen On Track Book Eddie Van Halen

In this thorough and illuminating book, Morgan Brown guides us song by song through Van Halen’s classic albums, charting the band's development from Sunset Strip upstarts to multi-platinum stadium rockers and beyond.

Equally suitable for inquisitive new listeners or long-time fans, this book is both an in-depth guide to and an enthusiastic celebration of the career of a truly legendary band.


Morgan Brown is the author of one previous title in the On Track series on The Damned and has been an active part of the UK music scene for over twenty years as a guitarist, drummer and songwriter. He is a self-confessed music nerd, enjoying a wild assortment of punk, pop, folk, jazz, heavy metal, country and whatever else takes his fancy. He is also an avid consumer of sci-fi and crime fiction and is a regular contributor to Hark! The 87th Precinct Podcast, which is dedicated to the detective novels of Ed McBain. He lives in Liverpool, UK.