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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Rutherford
CatNo: MOCCD14147
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Mike Rutherford Smallcreep's Day CD Genesis Anthony Phillips

Smallcreep's Day, Mike Rutherford's debut solo album from 1980 was an unexpected traditional Prog masterpiece.

Containing the 24-minute title track - based on the 1965 novel by Peter Currell Brown - the band for the album features Anthony Phillips, Noel McCalla, Morris Pert and Simon Phillips

CD edition.

1. Smallcreep’s Day
   A. Between The Tick And The Tock
   B. Working In Line
   C. After Hours
   D. Cats And Rats (In The Neighbourhood)
   E. Smallcreep Alone
   F. Out Into The Daylight
   G. At The End Of The Day
 2. Moonshine
 3. Time And Time Again
 4. Romani
 5. Every Road
 6. Overnight Job