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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally + Metropole Orkest
CatNo: EX2407-1
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Mike_Keneally Metropole_Orkest Parallel_Universe CD

Recorded in 2003 and released in 2004, Parallel Universe is a companion release to The Universe Will Provide.

CD in card sleeve.


Mike says, 
I put this album together from four basic sources: 
Source One) The Finale computer music files which Oppy and I listened to while preparing the charts. As Oppy would input the music into Finale music notation software, we were able to hear the music played back, in mono sound, using the internal sound card in Oppy's computer. For Parallel Universe, in July 2004 we remixed and remastered these Finale files at TAR Studio by playing them through Oppy's Korg Triton keyboard and into Pro Tools. We were able to use the superior keyboard samples in the Korg, and also used the onboard mixing capabilities of the Triton to specify distinct stereo placement for each of the sixteen channels. 
Source Two) The live recording of The Universe Will Provide, performed by me and the Metropole at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on June 8 2003. 
Source Three) Studio outtakes from the Universe Will Provide album sessions, Hilversum, September 2003. 
Source Four) Audio soundtrack excerpts from video footage shot by Scott Chatfield and Chris Opperman during the whole process. 
Plus a little bit of audio done on Pro Tools in TAR Studio at Chatfield Manor. 
Parallel Universe hops, higgledy-piggledy, from one of these sources to another constantly, sometimes layering more than one of them simultaneously (tracks 15-25 contain more info). 
1. Atticus 4:27
2. Mwah Origin 1:32
3. The Big Tiger 9:45
4. Libby's Website 1:19
5. Roomius 6:48
6. Sirius 4:35
7. Bullius 1:23
8. Misc. 2:40
9. Claudius 3:27
10. Co / MK 3:23
11. Blue 69 1:09