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Format: CD
Artist: My Dying Bride
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My Dying Bride Peaceville cd
Special re-mastered version of the classic '34.788%... Complete'.
Featuring bonus track "Follower" from the compilation Meisterwerk II. 
Originally released in 1998, 34.788% complete was My Dying Bride's 5th studio album.
"It's hard to imagine Cradle Of Filth existing without My Dying Bride's influence" - Metal Hammer 
  1. The Whore, The Cook And The Mother
  2. The Stance Of Evander Sinque
  3. Der Uberlebende
  4. Heroin Chic
  5. Apocalypse Woman
  6. Base Level Erotica
  7. Under Your Wings And Into Your Arms
  8. Follower (Bonus Track)