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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Major Parkinson
CatNo: AP143LPLTD3
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Major Parkinson Valesa Chapter I Red double vinyl
Major Parkinson’s 2022 album, Valesa - Chapter I: Velvet Prison, sees the ever-evolving septet blazing brightly in a neon haze of progressive synthpop / rock. 
On Valesa - Chapter I, the shackles are off, the curtain pulled back, as the band's compositions burn with focus and invention. 
The album features 17 meticulously crafted songs that explore new sonic territories, set to the political backdrop of the 1980s as they tap into the Zeitgeist of a period in human history that proved tantamount in shaping our world. From the halls of an abandoned American high school to the wine-stained head of Gorbachev - the album evokes an all-encompassing feeling of uneasy nostalgia, like humanity collectively looking back in time with a pair of cracked, rose-tinted glasses. 
“Synth anthems set in a disco of nuclear anxiety.”, says vocalist Jon Ivar Kollbotn. “In this day and age, life is passing before our eyes before we can grasp anything at all, and we become spectators in our own lives. Like confused, geriatric visitors in a wax museum. As time passes by, the past is becoming brighter and nostalgia is growing bigger.”
Limited transparent red double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with gold foil and printed inners.
01.Goodbye Blue Monday
02. Behind the Next Door
03. Saturday Night
04. Ride in the Whirlwind
05. Live Forever
06. Sadlands
07. Intermezzo
08. Jonah
09. Velvet Moon
10. Irina Margareta
11. The House
12. The Room
13. Posh-Apocalypse
14. MOMA
15. Lemon Symphony
16. Fantasia Me Now!

17. Heroes