Price: £30.75
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Magma
CatNo: MOVLP3247
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Magma Kartehl Double vinyl
Recorded during the Covid 19 lockdowns, following the dark Zëss (2019), Kãrtëhl is a bright and resolutely optimistic collective new work from the legendary Magma.
This 180g double vinyl edition of Kãrtëhl includes 6 new tracks and an additional 2 bonus tracks from 1978 (demos from Christian Vander’s personal collection).
Side D features an etching. In gatefold sleeve with insert.
1. Hakëhn Deïs
2. Do Rïn Ïlïüss
3. Irena Balladina
1. Walömëhndêm
2. Wii Mëlëhn Tü
1. Dëhndë
2. Hakëhn Deïs (bonus track - demo tape from 1978)
3. Dëhndë (bonus track - demo tape from 1978)
Etching (N.B. No music)