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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lunar Dunes
CatNo: DUNE2
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Lunar_Dunes Galaxsea Clear_vinyl Limited
Originally released in 2011, Galaxsea gained legendary status, sold out of its pressings and subsequently generated over a million streams on YouTube 
This 2023 re-release features 7 of the band's favourite pieces from the sessions (50 minutes of music) and is available as a limited clear vinyl edition (of 300 copies) available exclusively from Burning Shed. 
Mastered by Nick Robbins.
Influenced by the Kosmiche music of 60s and 70s West Germany and Teo Macero's work with Miles Davis, Lunar Dunes were formed by guitarist Adam Blake (Cornershop), drummer Hamilton Lee (Transglobal Underground) and bassist Ian Blackaby. 
Galaxsea, the band’s second album, saw the addition of harpist Julia Thornton (Roxy Music), sax and keyboard player Larry Whelan (Natacha Atlas) and vocalist Krupa (Transglobal Underground). 
1 Moon Bathing
2 Oriental Pacific
3 Oh You Strange Tune
4 Svalbard *
1 Free To Do *
2 Off World Beacon *
3 Eastern Promise *
Krupa Pattni - Vocals & Kaossilator
Adam Blake - Guitar
Ian Blackaby - Bass
Hami - Drums & Loops
Larry Whelan - Sax & Keys
Julia Thornton - Harp *