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Format: CD
Artist: Ludovico Einaudi
CatNo: 4855912
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Ludovico Einaudi Cinema 2CD Soundtrack
Cinema features 28 breathtaking pieces that provide an overview of Ludovico Einaudi’s phenomenal output for film and television.
Includes music from films and series such as Nomadland, The Father, This Is England, I'm Still Here, Insidious, Dr Foster, Sense8 and many more (plus two previously unreleased tracks).
Double CD.
1.       Experience (In A Time Lapse) 
2.       Golden Butterflies - Day 1 (Seven Days Walking) 
3.       Berlin Song (Nightbook) 
4.       Love Is A Mystery (Dr Zhivago OST, Islands) 
5.       Main Theme from The Third Murder (Undiscovered) 
6.       My Journey** 
7.       The Water Diviner** 
8.       Petricor (Elements) 
9.       Fly (Divenire) 
10.   Time Lapse (In A Time Lapse) 
11.   Walk (In A Time Lapse) 
12.   Cold Wind Var 1 – Day 1 (Seven Days Walking) 
13.   Ascolta (Divenire) 
14.   Histoire Sans Nom (Sotto Falso Nome) 
15.   Due Tramonti (Eden Roc) 
16.   Run (In A Time Lapse) 
17.   Le Onde (Le Onde) 
18.   L’Origine Nascosta (Divenire) 
19.   White Night (Dr Zhivago OST, Islands) 
20.   The Earth Prelude (Islands) 
21.   Oltremare (Divenire) 
22.   Fairytale (Islands) 
23.   Fuori Dal Mondo (Eden Roc) 
24.   Una Mattina (Una Mattina) 
25.   Nuvole Bianche (Una Mattina) 
26.   Newton’s Cradle (In A Time Lapse) 
27.   Dietro Casa (Una Mattina) 
28.   Low Mist - Day 1 (Seven Days Walking) 
**unreleased tracks