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Format: CD
Artist: Lost Crowns
CatNo: BEM065
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Lost Crowns Every Night Something Happens CD
Lost Crowns is a ‘funny music’ supergroup, built around the songs of Richard Larcombe (alongside Charlie Cawood on bass, keyboardists Rhodri Marsden and Josh Perl and Nicola Baigent on clarinet and the free spirit Keepsie on drums).
Every Night Something Happens is the band’s fabulous 2019 release.
‘Lost Crowns’s music falls into a never-was neverworld somewhere between Richard Sinclair, Noel Coward and a posh, Devonian Frank Zappa.’ - Misfit City


1. Housemaid’s Knees
2. Lost Crowns
3. Sound As Colour
4. Midas X-Ray
5. She Saved Me
6. Dandy Doesn’t Know
7. Let Loving Her Be Everything
8. Star Of My Heart
9. Sound As Colour (radio edit)
Nicola Baigent - clarinet, bass clarinet, recorder 
Charlie Cawood - bass guitar 
Sharron Fortnam - vocals 
Keepsie - drums, handbells 
Richard Larcombe - lead vocal, guitar, handbells 
Rhodri Marsden - piano, harmonium, electric piano, bassoon, saw, harpsichord, vocals 
Josh Perl - synthesiser, vocals, handbells