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Format: CD/Blu-Ray
Artist: Loreena McKennitt
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Loreena-McKennitt The_Visit_Definitive_Edition 4CD_Blu-ray
The Visit - Definitive Edition celebrates 30 years since Loreena’s award winning album propelled her onto the international stage.
A deluxe limited-edition hardback book format containing four CDs and one audio Blu-ray disc, a 32-page illustrated booklet, and hours of previously unreleased content, including the first-ever surround sound mixes of Loreena’s music.
Loreena's writing on her fourth album (from 1991) taook on the form of musical historical travel writing. 

An award-winning release, The Visit explores Celtic and folk influences, recast in an adventurous and contemporary light, and features evocative lyrics by Tennyson, Shakespeare, Henry VIII and the artist herself.

Includes the beloved 11 and a half minute, The Lady Of Shallot.


CD 1—The Visit: Original Recording, 2004 remaster
1. All Souls Night
2. Bonny Portmore
3. Between The Shadows
4. The Lady Of Shalott
5. Greensleeves
6. Tango To Evora
7. Courtyard Lullaby
8. The Old Ways
9. Cymbeline
CD 2—Radio Broadcasts
I. 1992 CBC Hot Ticket Concert, featuring the performances of Loreena McKennitt
1. Courtyard Lullaby
2. Stolen Child
3. Between The Shadows
4. The Lady of Shalott
5. Loreena introduces the Band
6. Standing Stones
7. She Moved Through The Fair
8. Manx Ayre
9. Cymbeline
II. World Cafe, Recorded live at WXPN in Philadelphia for NPR on 1 July 1992
10. Interview Part One
11. All Souls Night (album edit)
12. Interview Part Two
13. Courtyard Lullaby (solo)
14. Interview Part Three
15. The Lady Of Shalott (solo)
16. Interview Part Four
17. Between The Shadows (solo)
18. Interview Part Five
19. Stolen Child (solo)
CD 3—In Conversation
I. An Interview with Loreena McKennitt in conversation with Tim Wilson
II. Round-Table Discussion
CD 4—Binaural Headphone Mixes & 2016 Soundboard Trio Recordings
I. Binaural Headphone Mixes of The Visit: Original Recording
II. 2016 Soundboard Trio Recordings
10. All Souls Night
11. Bonny Portmore
12. Between the Shadows
13. The Lady of Shalott
14. Greensleeves
15. The Old Ways
Blu-ray—The Visit: The Original Recording, Surround Sound & High-Resolution Stereo
I. Dolby Atmos Music 3D Audio
II. DTS 5.1 Mix
III. 192/24 Hi-Res Stereo