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Format: Boxset
Artist: Liquid Tension Experiment
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Liquid Tension Experiment LTE3 2CD_Blu-ray Artbook Limited
After 22 years, LTE3 marks the welcome return of Liquid Tension Experiment, the supergroup comprising Mike PortnoyJohn PetrucciJordan Rudess and Tony Levin.
Creating a dynamic, frantic, and inventive sound all their own, the 8 songs on the new LTE3 are a mix of 4 fully composed tracks, 2 duets, 1 on-the-fly jam and 1 meticulously arranged cover.
Jordan Rudess says, “It felt like a continuation, like we stopped recording LTE2 and walked in a week later we're doing LTE3. I know it's amazing to say, but time has passed in a moment, the blink of an eye, the chemistry is the chemistry, and it didn't change.” Petrucci comments, “Who would think that a bunch of guys our age would be playing like that? It's relentless. It's definitely like a statement, you know we're back. When you press play, it steamrolls you.”
Limited 2CD/Blu-Ray Artbook edition.


1 Hypersonic 00:08:25
2 Beating the Odds 00:06:08
3 Liquid Evolution 00:03:25
4 The Passage of Time 00:07:32
5 Chris & Kevin's Amazing Odyssey 00:06:45
6 Rhapsody in Blue 00:13:11
7 Shades of Hope 00:04:44
8 Key to the Imagination 00:13:14
 1   Blink of an Eye        00:10:28
 2   Solid Resolution Theory        00:10:02 
 3   View from the Mountaintop        00:05:24
 4   Your Beard Is Good        00:14:31
 5   Ya Mon        00:15:24
 1   Hypersonic        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:08:25
 2   Beating the Odds        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:06:08
 3   Liquid Evolution        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:03:25
 4   The Passage of Time        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:07:32
 5   Chris & Kevin's Amazing Odyssey   5.1 mix with visualizer 00:06:45
 6   Rhapsody in Blue        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:13:11
 7   Shades of Hope        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:04:44
 8   Key to the Imagination        5.1 mix with visualizer 00:13:14
Additional content:
 9   LTE3 - The Interview        video interview 00:33:47