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Format: CD
Artist: Leafblade
CatNo: KSCOPE398
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Leafblade The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh cd
2016 Kscope budget price edition of Leafblade's second album from 2013.
On The Kiss of Spirit and Flesh, Leafblade - Daniel Cavanagh and Daniel Cardoso from Anathema, plus Sean Jude and Kevin Murphy (both ex Valle Crucis) - created a powerful, yet subtle combination of lush symphonic atmospheres, anthemic refrains, potent guitar work and inventive percussion. 
Produced by Cavanagh, The Kiss Of Spirit And Flesh extended Leafblade's dynamic range and included elaborate orchestration in addition to idiosyncratic lute-like nylon strings and unusual multi-range vocals. 
1. Bethlehem [8:19]
2. The Hollow Hills (starry Heart) [6:33]
3. Sunset Hypnos [5:18]
4. Fuchsia [2:35]
5. Oak Machine [7:46]
6. Thirteen [7:00]
7. Beneath A Woodland Moon [4:36]
8. Portrait [10:55]