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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Laughing Stock
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Laughing Stock Zero acts 3 and 4 Green vinyl Nad Sylvan Limited
Zero Acts 3 & 4 concludes Laughing Stock's 'play in four acts'. 
The play revolves around a boy called Zero who lives with a troubled mother. Facing difficulties at school, Zero escapes into the realm of video games and social isolation.
Produced and mixed by Jan Mikael Sørensen and mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo, the album was created with the likes of Tommy and The Wall as key inspirations.
American singer/songwriter Samantha Preis plays the Mother. Nad Sylvan and Andy Glass (Solstice) also guest.
Limited green vinyl edition (250 copies pressed).
01. Wingless
02. Lifeboat
03. The Call (feat. Nad Sylvan)
04. Free
05. All Alone
06. Words
07. Running Faster (feat. Andy Glass)
08. Familiar Eyes (feat. Samantha Preis)
09. Mother
10. Words pt.2