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Format: cd
Artist: Klaus Schulze
CatNo: MIG01612
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Klaus Schulze Das Wagner Desaster Tangerine Dream 2CD
A double CD containing two Klaus Schulze concert recordings from Rome and Paris in 1994  that showcase the Synth pioneer at his creative best. 
André Zenou, who also designed the cover, contributes 'Wild Mixes’ of some pieces while Klaus provides 'Soft-Mixes’ of the remaining recordings. The encore from a 1991 Schulze concert in Sevilla has been added as a bonus track.
“The title of this album has its origin in a concert that was given on the occasion of a Nietsche conference in Rome. Those who know a lot about music history and philosophy know that Friedrich Nietsche at some point turned on Richard Wagner and gave him a roasting. This was because Wagner had once told him to stop composing music as he wasn’t capable of doing it! Nietsche took this so personally that he was finished with Wagner. For Wagner, who had actually respected Nietsche, this was very much a real disaster!” - Klaus Schulze
CD 1: 
Wagner (Wild Mix) 
Nietzsche (Wild Mix) 
Entfremdung (Wild Mix, Encore Paris) 
Vers hnung (Soft Mix, Encore Rome)
CD 2: 
Liebe (Soft Mix) 
Hass (Soft Mix) 
Encore Sevilla