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Format: CD
Artist: Kevin Hewick
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Kevin Hewick Driven By Love Driven by Hate CD
Imagined as being in 4 parts, like 4 EPs (complete with announcers introducing each segment) this far-ranging epic album touches on themes of loss and transition, the political and the personal (all inspired by Kevin Hewick’s working class Leicester roots).
Featuring duets with Autumn Dawn Leader, brass from Jonathan Read, harmonica from PJ Baker, cello from David Conrad Dhonau, drumbeats by Mark Haynes and the bombarde of Chris Conway. Recorded by Adam Ellis at Deadline Studios in Leicester.
“In it’s variety and moods I think of it as my White Album.” - Kevin Hewick
CD in digipak.
1. A Robe, A Razor And A Bowl 
2. The Country Mile
3. Life Is Too Kind
4. Driven By Love, Driven By Hate 
5. Memory Coma
6. Watch And Learn
7. My Friends The Rats
8. The Inheritors 
9. Imaginary Victory
10. Season Three
11. Shattered Soul
12. Arizona Highways 
13. Uneasy Rider
14. Jackson Pollock Pebbledash 
15. Radcot Lawns
16. Glen Parva Dogwalker
17. Tinks