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Artist: Kevin Cummings
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Kevin Cummings Kansas On Track Book
In Kansas On Track, Kevin Cummings assesses the band’s work from its self-titled first album in 1974 to 2020’s The Absence of Presence.
Each of the band's songs are carefully considered in historical context. Cummings and key figures in the band’s history offer additional perspectives. 
The book provides an ideal way to gain a renewed appreciation of America’s premier progressive rock band.
Kevin Cummings is a musician and writer. He holds a master’s degree in music theory and a bachelor’s degree in music education. His varied career includes positions as a college music instructor, a technical writer and over two decades as a church musician. An active composer, Kevin maintains a website offering original music, recordings and arrangements, as well as transcriptions of Kerry Livgren’s music. Through it all, he has been a progressive rock nerd, especially concerning the music of Kansas. He lives in Elmira, New York.