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Artist: King Crimson
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King Crimson The Power To Believe Panegyric KC cd
The Power To Believe (2003) represented the recorded culmination of the various ideas, approaches and styles employed by the Crimson turn of the century double duo line-up. 
Introduced and punctuated by a series of a cappella treated vocal pieces that highlighted the instrumental and song-writing skills of the surrounding material, the band was rarely so well served in the studio. 
Three years on from their last full studio album, King Crimson proved as vital a force in the studio as they had at any point in their career. The album was hailed as an instant classic by fans, with new fans being drawn to the band for the first time as a result of a series of concerts with Tool - a band that openly acknowledged the influence of Crimson. 
Rolling Stone's David Fricke called it, 'the sound of apocalypse now...', noting that Crimson had anticipated the 'heavy terror of contemporary metal' as long ago as 1969 on their classic debut In The Court Of The Crimson King.
1. The Power to Believe I: (A Cappella)
2. Level Five  
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. EleKtriK
5. Facts of Life (intro)
6. Facts of Life
7. The Power to Believe II: (Power Circle)
8. Dangerous Curves
9. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
10. The Power to Believe III
11. The Power to Believe IV: Coda