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Format: CD
Artist: Katatonia
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Katatonia Brave Murder Day 2CD Peaceville
2CD release of Katatonia's Death/Doom masterpiece Brave Murder Day (1996), including the Sounds Of Decay EP, a bonus track and an extended booklet.
Primitive structures and melodies give Brave Murder Day an unparalleled trance-like quality, taking an early Paradise Lost influence (mixed with others such as Kent and Slowdive) and forming a completely unique sound and atmosphere.
The majority of the vocal duties were carried out in his former signature death-growl style by Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, while Jonas Renkse delivered the clean vocal passages that he is known for today, on the ethereal track, Day. Jonas also played drums on the album.
Brave Murder Day was recorded at Unisound, Sweden, in July 1996, and was engineered by Dan Swanö (Opeth, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Dissection & among many others).
Featuring the original album cover design and an extended booklet with an in-depth look back at the album from Anders Nystrom (with contributions from Jonas Renkse).
1 Brave
2 Murder
3 Day
4 Rainroom
5 12
6 Endtime
1 Nowhere
2 At Last
3 Inside The Fall
4 Untrue