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Format: Vinyl
Artist: John Lodge
CatNo: BFD388LP
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John Lodge The Royal Affair and After Blue vinyl
180g blue vinyl edition. Comes with an exclusive poster signed by John.
The Royal Affair And After features live recordings from the Summer of 2019, when John Lodge was a part of the The Royal Affair Tour, alongside Yes, Carl Palmer, Arthur Brown, and Asia.
The album includes many of John’s key Moodies’ hits plus other MB pieces performed by John and his 10,000 Light Years Band: Alan Hewitt (Music Director and Keyboards) and Billy Ashbaugh (Drums) both from the Moody Blues touring band, Duffy King (Guitars) and Jason Charboneau (Cello).
Jon Davison (Yes) provides lead vocals on Nights in White Satin and Ride My See Saw, while Graeme Edge reunites with John on Late Lament.
The Royal Affair And After draws attention to John’s songwriting abilities, imaginative bass playing and the eternally glorious music of the Moody Blues.
In gatefold cover with printed inner. Signed by John Lodge
Side 1
1.   Steppin’ in a Slide Zone

2.   Saved by the Music
3.   Legend of a Mind
4.    Late Lament (with Graeme Edge)
5.    Nights in White Satin (with Jon Davison)
Side 2
6.   Sunset 
7.   Gemini Dream

8.   Isn’t Life Strange 

9.   I’m Just a Singer (In a Rock and Roll Band)
10.   Ride My See-Saw (with Jon Davison)