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Format: CD
Artist: Jhno
CatNo: WDM100912
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Jhno Kwno CD Ambient newdog
Known to the world as Jhno, San Francisco-based John Eichenseer has worked as a DJ, a producer, an inventor of music software and a multi-fascinated collaborator since 1994.
Jhno's development of sound software has lead to work with such notables as Laurie Anderson and Thomas Dolby, and his formidable understanding of computer generated and manipulated sound is the basis for his stunning solo work, which uses jazz and ethnic elements to blur the boundaries between a variety of electronic music's sub-genres.
CD in jewel case.
1 Drum And Java
2 My Mind Is Aglow (Verfas Mix)
3 Morph
4 Jung
5 K2kckbk
6 Little Yellow Car (Take Me Far Mix)
7 Untitled