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Format: CD
Artist: James LaBrie
CatNo: 19439991792
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James LaBrie Beautiful Shade Of Grey Dream Theater CD
Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie tackles uncharted territory with his fourth solo album, Beautiful Shade of Grey.
Embracing personal maturation, loss, a myriad of complex relationships and, most importantly, LaBrie’s burning passion for music, the album is informed by decades of finding beautiful expression across a wide variety of musical artists and knowing that moving away from familiar habits is an essential part of creative growth.
CD in digipak.
1. Devil In Drag (5.37)
2. SuperNova Girl (4.22)
3. Give And Take (4.44)
4. Sunset Rain (5.10)
5. Ramble On (4.55)
6. Hit Me Like A Brick (3.22)
7. Wildflower (3.54)
8. Conscience Calling (0.48)
9. What I Missed (4.53)
10. Am I Right (5.52)
11. Devil In Drag (electric version) (4.43)